Our Mission is to provide students with the top modern business education models and tools provided by Zurich Elite Business School & top 10 universities as well as by world-leading companies such as Google, BCG, IBM, AWS, Goldman Sachs etc.

    We equip you with real-world skills required from leading employers and the business skills you need to progress in your career and become a successful manager or entrepreneur.

    We require from every student in order to enrol into the ZEBS MBA the right attitude and readiness to acknowledge her/his weaknesses and willingness to develop her/his personality and skills through our MBA courses! The rest leave it to us and we assure you a successful career path.

    You can apply by entering your academic qualifications and work experience in our application form. Our admissions team will check eligibility for the MBA programme and inform you about next steps.

    ZEBS MBA CHF 58,000.00
    ZEBS MBA Global Scholarship Scheme until 31. December 2023 -CHF 52,100
    Total CHF 5,900.00


    Please read our terms and conditions carefully before proceeding with the first step of the registration procedure.

    Proceeding with the registration procedure indicates that you accept and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and related policies in full.

    The full tuition fee of the MBA programme is CHF 58,000.

    We also offer 20 scholarships in December that reduce the tuition fee to:

    CHF 5,900 (for international students outside Europe).

    These scholarships apply to payments BEFORE 31. December 2023.

    Students who receive the scholarships have to proceed with the following payment process:

    1) Payment of CHF 5,900 at once (for international students outside Europe)

    Twenty global students will receive in December an amazing scholarship. To pay the subsidised tuition fee at once, international students OUTSIDE Europe have to pay CHF 5,900 BEFORE 31. December 2023 by international bank transfer to the following bank account:

    Bank: Zuercher Kantonalbank, Zurich, Switzerland
    Account Owner: Zurich Elite Business School
    Address: Europaallee 41, CH-8004 Zurich, Switzerland
    International Banking Number (IBAN): CH86 0070 0110 0010 6480 2
    SWIFT-Address (BIC): ZKBKCHZZ80A

    Payment reference: your name AND your registration number. Please don`t forget to mention the registration number in the bank transfer!

    IMPORTANT: Students must bear the entire cost of the bank transfer fees to be registered

    You will be officially registered for the ZEBS MBA and receive an official registration email from Zurich Elite Business School only after we receive full CHF 5,900 (international students OUTSIDE Europe) BEFORE 31. December 2023 into our bank account.

    - The Online MBA is in high demand due to its uniqueness. There are only a few scholarship slots available. If we do not receive payment of CHF 5,900 for students outside Europe BEFORE 31. December 2023, you will lose your scholarship slot to other interested candidates.
    - The Online MBA is a subsidised MBA programme. Therefore after payment and registration, no refunds and withdrawal from the programme can be issued before, during or after participation at the MBA programme.
    - Online MBA length is 12 months. After this period, a monthly charge of CHF 299 applies.

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    ZEBS reserves the right to make periodic reviews and modify and update anytime the content and information of the website and the ZEBS MBA programme.

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    Purchasing any service and/or Programme by ZEBS shall be governed by the laws of the canton Zurich, Switzerland. Any dispute that may arise shall be settled in Switzerland in accordance with laws of the canton of Zurich, Switzerland

    Product Subtotal
    ZEBS MBA - OnlineMBA × 1 $3,500.00
    Subtotal $3,500.00
    Total $3,500.00
    • Please make your payment directly into our bank account. Please use your Registration Number as the payment reference. Your registration will not be completed until the tuition fees have cleared in our account.