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$4’500 also payable in instalments

Earn an extra Scholarship of $500 and pay only 4’000 if you complete payment until 15th of August

ZEBS RWS MBA smart talents

Learn the
Real-World Skills
that make you Fit for the Workforce and the Job-Related Skills and Practical Business Knowledge that focus on your Career Development and are required by leading global employers

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$4’500 also payable in instalments

Major employers like US Tech Giants announced that they are changing their hiring processes and will treat job-training career certificates equivalent to a four-year degree for related roles.

The RealWorld Skills MBA is the Real Alternative to the typical MBA with no prior experience required that will boost your career in high-growth career fields and lead you to the path of prosperity

“It’s all about your skills, not your degrees! When it came to my MBA decision, accreditations and rankings didn’t really matter; it was all about the best learning experience from top industry experts. The Real-World Skills MBA teaches you top-class, real-world skills, the ones the best companies ask for. Here, you will learn how to be a successful manager or entrepreneur. The high quality of the program practically guarantees immediate employment in the job market.”

Vasilis Kazazakis, Site Reliability Engineering Manager, Google

“The MBA program at ZEBS was the right step forward to elevate my career path in the premium segment of the automobile industry. The same will be the RWS MBA for your career.”

Christoph Pilgram, Quality Management, BMW & Rolls Royce

“Details make the difference. In the Real-World Skills MBA you learn all the practical business skills you need in the workplace to differentiate in real-corporate life and outperform as a manager or entrepreneur. You also become part of an exciting business network.”

Adrian Nowak, Senior Business Development Manager
BearingPoint (Forbes “Best Management Consulting Firms 2020”)

“The Real-World Skills MBA is much more than world-class business education. You learn all the job-related skills that major employers require and you also become part of an exciting business network of managers and entrepreneurs.”

Adonis-Emmanouil Fragkakis, Founder & President ZEBS, Investor, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker

“Sustainability, Blockchain/AI, Strategy & Leadership: these is some of the useful knowledge you will learn at the Real-World Skills MBA and which will make you more “attractive” and will definitely guarantee immediate job employment.”

Stefan Maier, Entrepreneur Tech Consulting & Alternative Energy and Sustainability, Coach, Member of the Board, Awite Bioenergy, Munich

“You are an entrepreneur or executive and your business is “stuck in the middle”. The Real-World Skills MBA will inspire you to find new ideas to drive your business back to the road of success.”

Hubert Randlshofer, Entrepreneur & Investor Tech Consulting, Digital & AI

“Emerging technologies are changing our business world. At the Real-World Skills MBA you will learn all the essential skills you need as an entrepreneur to strategically differentiate from competition by using these technologies and succeed in your business.”

François-Pierre Vivot, CSO Consulteer, Switzerland

“Building a successful career has many similarities with creating a successful brand. The Real-World Skills MBA enables you to build a unique and successful “career brand” and achieve your professional goals.”

Christina Hoffmann, Founder & CEO Brandmind

“In the world of business, leadership makes the difference. Great leadership enables employees, teams and in consequence companies to achieve results which truly matters. The Real-World Skills MBA teaches you exactly what you need to make a difference in real corporate life.”

Roland Schurig, Senior Manager Strategy, MAN Truck & Bus SE

“In the Real-World Skills MBA Programm you get equipped with all practical business skills required in the real business world in order to be successful in your business. This could be a first step to an amazing business network of professionals.”

Ramin Amiri, General Manager – VOQUZ IT Solutions

“The Real-World Skills MBA is much more than a standard MBA program. Moreover you understand how Blockchain and AI technologies impacts our business world, shapes our future and you learn how to reach competitive advantage by using these emerging technologies.”

Axel Reinsch, Director Business Transformation, Röchling Group, Germany

“Learning effective business skills for hands-on experience is the foundation of the MBA program at ZEBS and was the key factor for my decision to take on the program. The RWS MBA program will give you the tools & skills it takes in a business-oriented world.”

Carola Wennemann, Project Manager Strategy, Siemens

“In business world, successful leadership is achieved by strong know-how, high motivation and great inspiration. The Real-World Skills MBA focuses exactly on these aspects, since it provides you not only the necessary skills for your next job, but also widens your horizons and provides you a new perspective of how real-world problems can be efficiently approached and solved. It is definitely a game changer that can boost your career and change your future.”

Dr. Georgios-T. Michailidis, Entrepreneur, Investor, Senior Business Consultant, Braincourt GmbH

“Business Networking with no Borders!”

We provide you, as a smart talent who can’t afford the common high MBA tuition fee, access to the ultimate business educational models regardless of your wealth, ethnic origin, race and education status at extremely low tuition fee $4’500  also payable in instalments

+ $500 extra Scholarship for all students registering before 31. May 2021

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  • To give access to the top modern business education models and tools to every student regardless of his/her wealth, ethnic origin, race and education status!

  • To educate the future global leaders and entrepreneurs.

  • To equip you with not only theoretical but mostly practical and hands-on business knowledge you need in the workplace.

  • To equip RWS MBA participants with the essential skills they need to find a job.

  • To prepare global talents through their acquired business know-how to transform the global business world, create innovations and successful, sustainable businesses, which will lead our societies to a brighter future!