ZEBS Real World Skills MBA

The Real-World-Skills MBA can be completed within 10 months. We use the top modern business learning model with both synchronous and asynchronous sessions and give you access not only to all areas of a traditional MBA (leadership, strategy, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, digital business, etc.) but mostly to practical and hands-on business knowledge you need in the workplace and make you differentiate from the rest of common MBA students graduates.

The RWS MBA is comprised of six business courses. Each module lasts six to eight weeks besides the Real-World Leadership Skills course, which takes place over the entire RWS MBA length. Each of the five other modules is made up of one to three 45-60min sessions per week. Some of the sessions take place at the weekends in order to make it easier to working professionals to participate. Each course contains one to two assessments during and at the end of the course. In addition, diverse exercises and activities take place which are not assessed, they rather help students engage with the RWS MBA and increase their learning and application curve.

During the business courses students delve into each topic and deepen their knowledge through a variety of modern tools such as live sessions, recorded videos, state-of-the-art case studies, group projects, chats, and many more important tools. So that each student will be given enough time to complete the course, with the flexibility to study at times that best suit her/his personal and professional life.

The students receive support from ZEBS tutors, also for the courses’ assessments.


ZEBS’s educational method is a top modern approach to management education. It immerses participants in the challenging process of professional growth and intellectual development while providing them the flexibility to work towards completing the program on their own time and pace.

ZEBS also offers lectures given by business leaders from all over the world. These interactive presentations expose the student unit body to real-world business experience and open exchange of methodologies and information.

The best students of the Strategy & Entrepreneurship Safari course qualify for the ZEBS Entrepreneurship Fellowship, a first of its kind training dedicated to our top students and designed to help entrepreneurs of underrepresented groups to maximize their chances of success through mentorship and to provide access to industry experts and seed capital.

Upon completion of the program, students receive their MBA degree (Masters of Business Administration) from Zurich Elite Business School. It is UK accredited (ASIC)! It doesn’t mean though that it should be necessarily accredited in your home country. So if your priority is to find a theoretical traditional MBA program accredited in your home country, you are here in the wrong place. Major US companies announced that they are changing their hiring processes and will treat job-training career certificates equivalent to a four-year degree for related roles. This is why you should attend the Real-World Skills MBA: in order to learn exactly these real-world skills required from future employers and the exact business skills you need to become a successful manager and entrepreneur.