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Zurich Elite Business School (ZEBS) offers several internationally accredited Bachelor, Master/MBA, DBA and PhD programs and is the most practical oriented Business School worldwide. ZEBS has been extremely successful in providing top European corporations with its graduates. 95% of ZEBS graduates receive a job directly after graduating from ZEBS (top 20 worldwide). In average they receive 4-5 job offers in different industry sectors upon graduation or have been successful in building their own start ups. Average salary of ZEBS graduates is 117'206$ and belongs to the top 50 worldwide.

What's different

There is one main difference between the ZEBS degree programs and degree programs of other business schools. Currently business schools around the world focus on off-the-job courses which transfer business-linked knowledge through theoretical courses and case studies. Business schools thus limit their responsibility to the theory processed during the courses.

Quite contrary to this approach, the Zurich Elite Business School being the most personalized Business School worldwide, actively broadens its scope of assistance to the students. Through the ZEBS degree programs not only does the school consider itself responsible for a top-level off-the-job business education, but it also provides consistent support for the development of students on-the-job in real corporate life: Business Coaches with an extensive professional and personal profile accompany students during their time as a ZEBS student. They not only give advice on hard business situations, but they also share insights into the personal thoughts, emotions and tensions which corporate life evokes. This means, ZEBS individualizes business education exactly to your needs.

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