MBA in Shipping


Zurich Elite Business School - an exclusive Management Boutique in Zurich, Switzerland - has been extremely successful in providing top global corporations with its graduates. 100% of ZEBS graduates are employed directly upon graduation and they receive in average 4-5 job offers. Average salaries of ZEBS graduates belong to the Top 50 worldwide in different industry sectors and many ZEBS graduates have established successful global startups. World-leading companies like Google, BMW, Capgemini Consulting, Siemens, Loreal, Lamborghini, Airbus, Siemens, Bearing Point and many more have been employing graduates from ZEBS.

GMC Maritime Academy & Maritime Training Center was established in 2011 and is a leading international training center with high quality facilities, with a frame of reference and educational philosophy that is appropriate to the needs of the shipping market. GMC’s teaching staff is consisted of Executives who are actively working in the shipping market, University degree lecturer, Master Mariners, Chief Engineers, Naval Architects, Electrical Engineers and Radio Officers combining academic background with extensive experience and knowledge in shipping and maritime education.

The internationally recognised MBA degree of Zurich Elite Business School in partnership with GMC Maritime Academy & Maritime Training Center enables students to undertake a world-class MBA programme in Shipping.

Students also attend courses from other world-leading institutions - within the ZEBS MBA programme - such as:
Harvard University
Columbia University
University of Maryland
Imperial College London
and gain CERTIFICATIONS for these courses as well.

In addition, students receive certifications from GMC Maritime Academy & Maritime Training Center in International Safety Management (ISM) Implementation, International Ship and Port Facility Implementation (ISPS), International Safety Management (ISM) Implementation INTERNAL AUDITOR, International Ship and Port Facility (ISPS) Implementation INTERNAL AUDITOR, DPA Designated Person Ashore, HSQE Management and Maritime Resource Management

The MBA in Shipping equips learners with state-of-the-art knowledge from the shipping business but most importantly with practical and hands-on business know-how they need in their daily business.

The international nature of the lecturers provides students with the opportunity to work together and exchange knowledge with skilled people from other countries and cultures, also enabling them to broaden their cross communication skills. Courses are taught by world-class professors and executives from the shipping industry and other fields.

Students get access to top modern business education models from world-leading universities that incorporate the latest in business practices and theories.

ZEBS’s and GMC’s educational method is a top modern approach in shipping education. It immerses participants in the challenging process of professional growth and intellectual development while providing them the flexibility to work towards completing the programme within a hybrid model (physical and virtual).