Each fellow is provided with a Coach, from the beginning of the program. Coaches help the student to identify career goals, assess personal strengths and weaknesses, and devise an action plan and roadmap for a successful career. Based on our extensive experience, knowledge and close ties with the business community, we provide students with a solid foundation of support and expertise to lead them in the right direction. A wide range of services is provided:

Case Interviewing Workshop
As part of the interviewing process at consulting firms interviewers ask candidates to discuss a business problem with them. This is a significant element of the recruitment process but one where candidates often do not demonstrate their full potential. This Case Interviewing Workshop  provides some general guidance on the case study to help candidates to know what to expect and to get the most out of the interview. It is structured in four parts:
I)  Why consulting companies use case studies

II)  What interviewers look for

III)  How you should approach the problem

IV)  Different Types of Case Studies

V)  Practice Business Cases
Career Counselling
  • Professional student assessment
  • Career planning 
  • Employment consultation
  • Job profile analysis
Application Process Support
  • Business writing
  • Interview preparation
  • Strategies for effective self-marketing
Networking Events
Our organized networking events create valuable opportunities to establish and build relationships with business professionals from various industries.
Corporate Presentations / Seminars
Provide a unique chance for students to gain information about different corporations and business industries. Senior managers present a corporate overview, discuss goals and strategies, as well as employment opportunities.
Corporate Contacts & Recruitment
The success of ZEBS depends strongly on the success of its graduates within the job market. For this reason, the Career & Recruitment Center is dedicated to working closely with companies to match their employment needs with the outstanding qualifications of our graduates. As a result, we strongly facilitate the interaction between our students and hiring companies. The ZEBS Career and Recruitment Center receives employment offers from corporate partners throughout the year, and makes them available to students. Additionally, we connect HR managers of our corporate partners with our database of student CVs, and support them substantially in the search for future business leaders.