Business Program for Professional Athletes


Zurich Elite Business School (ZEBS), a European Business School based in Zurich Switzerland, is known to be the first fully customized Business School worldwide that offers highly customized educational courses with a strong focus on every student’s / client’s professional needs which are accommodated with absolute accuracy. ZEBS has been successful in placing its graduates within top European corporations. Several of our students started their own viable start-up businesses. ZEBS was recently ranked fourth among the Top 25 Business Schools in Europe.

The Business Program for Professional Athletes (BPPA) is designed for Professional Athletes at every stage of their career. We at ZEBS are aware of several well known, professional athletes across different sports (i.e., Football, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball etc.) who were confronted with significant financial challenges, frequently resulting in bankruptcy. Specifically, there are numerous, public press releases of athletes with reported total wealth exceeding $100M, who faced the spectrum of bankruptcy even from early stages of their career as athletes.

All of the above cases share a common characteristic:

Professional Athletes train hard over decades, focus on their sports and invest high levels of physical and mental energy to reach their desired point of excellence in their sport in order to outperform.

Concequently they don’t have the time or the eagerness to manage their well-deserved wealth and appoint other professionals. It is also common that these Professional Athletes engage in new business ventures without having the time nor the know-how to gauge the risk and the quality of these investment opportunities.

This is precisely where ZEBS and its BPPA provide added value by conveying the main technical knowledge for the Professional Athletes (or their closely-related family or team members) to enable them to engage in the most promising investment opportunities they encounter and to shelter them from inaccurate investment decisions.

During the BPPA, we focus on the above Professional Athletes’ needs and convey to PAs the necessary financial, investment, portfolio management, strategic and entrepreneurial concepts in order to equip them to make the right business and entrepreneurial decisions.

The BPPA entails rigorous courses (duration 1,5 – 2 days) at the PAs’ preferred location, so that they do not need to travel and invest more of their valuable time, and continue having their undivided dedication to their sport careers, while we execute the BPPA with efficiency. These rigorous courses have the 1-to-1 format between the Professional Athlete and the ZEBS Professor guaranteeing high level of tailor-made education.