MBA in Shipping

Benefits for the students

  • International MBA with extra world-class certifications (Harvard, MIT, Imperial, University of Maryland, GMC)
  • Career upgrade and progress in the shipping industry
  • Constant interaction and exchange with a large variety of knowledgeable executives and professionals from the shipping industry establishes a reliable and vast network of business contacts
  • Access to top modern business education models from world-leading universities that incorporate the latest in business practices and theories as well as excellent educational tools and resources
  • Preparation for the increasing demands of social and methodological competences, intercultural awareness and global thinking
  • Enhancement of teamwork and management skills through team-oriented case studies
  • Opportunity to apply newly acquired skills and knowledge in the daily business
  • High degree of individual and personalised support from the international network of ZEBS & GMC
  • Access to top-ranked faculty members from both academia and industry