Air Transport Management


Air Transport Management is the management, operation, organization and provision of airlines and airports. This MBA course is for those who have been working within the aviation industry for two years or more, including pilots, air traffic controllers, maintenance staff, and engineers.
Students will study and come to understand the critically complex interrelationships of regulatory, commercial, and technical aspects of the air transport industry. Graduates will be equipped with the skills required to pursue successful career sin various sectors of the air transport industry including airlines, airport companies and authorities, civil aviation departments, air transport consultancies and various aerospace companies.
The course will be taught by practicing professionals in air transport management. Current instructors include a unique blend of air transport economists, marketing specialists and aeronautical engineers with many years of industry experience.
The program is delivered over six months and is made up of several modules, both compulsory and optional. All lecture modules will include relevant and practical case studies. Included in this course is one or more field trips to operating airports to meet with staff and mangers.
Students will complete both group and individual projects. Within the group project, student teams will be provided with a simulated industrial environment in which knowledge and skills gained from the previous lectures and classes can be applied to solving air transport management problems that are likely to be encountered in real-world situations.