Risk Management


Taking risk is an important part of business: organizations must take risks in order to expand and grow. Equally, it is very significant for a business to gain control of the level of risk that it exposes itself to. This degree, tackles the principles of Risk Management, giving expert and relevant information someone need to make himself valuable and indispensable in an organization. Upon completion of this course, students will know how to turn risks, challenges and threats into business opportunities. Importantly, the student will also know how to guarantee that the organization conforms to the corporate governance and ethical and legal policy and standards. This degree will explain and demonstrate how to form effective risk management plan – a valuable skill in today’s business world. This course will give an understanding in managing risk and also provides an introduction to finacial risk managementt. The procedures of risk identification, risk measurement and risk management are studied and explored. The course then goes on to review operational risk and reputational risk. It concludes with an assessment of the subject of behavioral finance and what this can contribute to the students understanding of risk takingand risk management. This programme will also develop the student's knowledge of Risk Management principles, methods, processes and techniques. The aim is to provide the skills and knowledge required to: create and develop a robust risk management plan, utilize software for the purposes of risk analysis and analyze and apply risk management industry protocols and standard in order to handle and manage risks.