English Excellence

Course Information

Our flagship English Excellence course offers a unique language learning experience in an exceptional location. The main aim of the course is to develop the English language skills of the students through formal classroom teaching and innovative teaching methods. Students receive 20 hours of instruction per week, and levels from A1- C2 (are welcome. 


Course Objectives
  • Improve all English language skills
  • Improve vocabulary, pronunciation and Grammar.
  • Learn through the participation in weekly projects.
  • Be immersed in the use of the English language through CLIL lessons and experiential learning.


Course Duration

All students are recommended to stay for at least 2 weeks in order to fully benefit.
The available dates are: 8th July to 18th August.



The total price of the course is 1040 euros per week, and this rate is fully-inclusive of accommodation, academies, food and airport transfers.