ASIC International Conference 2019

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ZEBS contribution to industry involvement with STEM focus and CPT training in education


In November 2019, the 4th ASIC International Conference took place in Kuala Lumpur. 180 delegates from world leading Universities and Colleges gathered in the capitol of Malaysia to discuss aboutessential aspects of international education as the internationalisation index, what makesuniversities truly international, education technology using Blockchain,the importance of Quality Assurance Management including application models, the development of international marketing strategies, distance education delivery models and industry involvement with STEM focus as well as CPT based models in education.


A presentation of Industry Involvement in STEM areas and CPT based models in regards to the development of programmes was held by Adonis-Emmanouil Fragkakis as well. As competition among universities and colleges has been rapidly increasing, new academic models helping education leaders differentiate, increase student enrollment and tuition have become even more important. The industry involvement with STEM focus incl. CPT training in the development of programmes presentation gave an insight into models about how industry can be involved in the development of CPT based programmes with STEM focus, how this involvement makes students "Fit for the Workforce", how it increases their Employability and how it helps institutions achieve uniqueness and competitive advantage.