Milian, Management Consultant

“From airport to airport”

Don’t be confused about the headline. For sure as a consultant you get to know one or the other airport better than you wish, but the consulting business is more than only travelling around.

In my case this is accounting electricity. The energy business defines airports as “closed distribution networks”. Since August 2011, when the new energy economic law (EnWG) became effective, such closed distribution networks had the duty to account the electricity running through their networks. Not accounting the electricity or making mistakes while doing this is linked to enormous financial consequences. My duty is to show the customers how to adapt, optimize and amplify internal processes and IT systems so that they conform to law and therefore avoid financial consequences. Until now operating companies have not been confronted with such issues. That implicates that they hardly have any knowledge concerning this topic. The challenge is to spread knowledge systematically.

Exactly in this point the students get support from the Zurich Elite Business School (ZEBS). Because of a unique leadership coaching program the students experience a special kind of personal development. They learn how to handle expectations and different kinds of interests from all those who are involved in the project.

Moreover the students learn how to judge these different expectations and interests, how to achieve them and even to exceed them. Exactly this interpersonal competence, differentiates between a good and an excellent management consultant. The ZEBS has a focus. The student can use regular communication with an outstanding expert (ZEBS coach) to discuss and reflect various topics from his daily tasks and so try to develop ways to solve problems. The amount of this coaching depends on engagement and initiative of the student himself. At this point I can only advise every potential student to immerse himself in the methods of ZEBS and to appreciate the chance the ZEBS offers. You will be amazed at your development.