Project Management


This Project Management MBA helps you acquire advanced skills in organising, planning, implementing and controlling tasks in order to achieve an organization's schedule, budget, and performance objectives.
The course starts out answering fundamental questions such as: What is a project? How do you manage one? What is the best approach? As the answers are discovered through readings, lectures, and hands on project, students will use tools and concepts such as project charter, scope statement, work breakdown structure, project estimating, and scheduling methodologies. Students will become familiar with Project Management Software including Microsoft Project.
Covered topics include Accounting, Cross-Cultural Communication, Leadership Models and Business Law. Developmental project stages are examined including investigation, planning, design, production, monitoring and evaluation.
The programme is modular and delivered over 12 to 24 months and can be followed without disrupting your job commitments. Guest speakers from the industry will add valuable input to the student’s knowledge. Students will complete both group and individual projects. Within the group project, students choose a project, assign roles, and eventually plan and execute the project with real, tangible deliverables and met goals.