Looking for your first job can be a difficult task, as you need to define what you really want. After getting an MSc in Telecommunications at the Escuela Superior de Ingenieros de Sevilla, I moved to Germany to work as a graduate researcher at the Dresden University of Technology. After completing my first project in Car2Car communication and publishing my first paper, I realised that I needed something more dynamic.

It was difficult to find a single position that fulfilled all my needs and expectations at once. So I decided to boost further my career development by completing post-graduate management studies. While I was searching I found ZEBS. Even as a relatively young business school the IMP-International Management Program aroused my interest in getting an MBA while working in an exciting position. My aim was to gain an invitation for a personal interview in order to gather more information about the program.

ZEBS gave me professional orientation from the very beginning. They advised me on career options and industries that led me to where I am now. After completing 4 Interviews I joined the program and started working for a consulting company on behalf of Airbus Germany for the development of a communication system that allows passengers to have Internet and mobile phone services on board of the aircraft.

Imagine working as a consultant in an international and exciting project, while getting first class training within the business school and the company. You can apply what you learnt in Zurich to your daily job and share your experiences with your fellow colleagues. Forget about routine work, where one day seems to be identical to next. You have to be keen on continuous learning and developing yourself. You have to manage to succeed at work and at school, because your evaluation depends on your overall performance which also results to a higher salary proposition after completing such a unique program.

From the beginning it was clear to me that I joined something more than just a business school. Professional orientation and advice were, and always are available. Leadership coaching and support from experienced mentors, help you answer any kind of question and/or challenges you might have. Even after finishing the program you can still count on the networks you built at ZEBS.

What I personally most enjoyed was meeting so many interesting and diverse people and the lovely evenings we had in Zurich, because not everything is about work.

Jose, IMP – Fellow at Zurich Elite Business School