Chinese Concert – Munich

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The Zurich Elite Business School (ZEBS) promoted a Chinese concert that took place on 14.01.2012 in the Seidlvilla, Munich and was organized by a ZEBS student. The Chinese musician and professor Sijia Liu, gives concerts including some benefit events throughout China. Also with this concert support for a Chinese orphanage was possible. More details under: .

Swiss, German and Chinese people all have several things in common; they live in one of the most powerful economic systems of the world, have a high ambition in striving for excellence and place great importance on relations. Zurich Elite Business School (ZEBS) supports that idea of strong relations and friendship and shows this in promoting this concert.

An Interview with Sijia Liu and the ZEBS student

ZEBS student: Dear Mr. Liu, it´s a pleasure to meet you again. Thanks a lot for spending time and giving an interview.

Sijia Liu: Dear Mr. Werner, thanks a lot for the invitation. It´s an honor to get to know the ZEBS and getting the chance for the concert here in Germany, Munich.

ZEBS student: Mr. Liu, maybe you can tell us something about yourself in a few words?

Sijia Liu: Gladly. I am from Shanghai and have been giving concerts and tours since 2008. Besides that I am a professor at the Changshu Institute of Technology. In 14.01.2012 I had my first concert abroad and I am very happy to have given it in Germany, at last it is my second homeland. For five years I studied at the university in Bremen. After that, for four years, I studied for my Bachelor degree in  German language and literature studies.

ZEBS student: Which social reference do you have with Germany?

Sijia Liu: I bear big relations to Germany. For modern China Germany and all German speaking countries play the most important roles in the world. I have occupied myself very deeply with the German language. The modern Chinese language (mandarin) and the Chinese culture is impacted very strongly by the Germans. There is no other culture where these impacts have a higher influence. With my studies of the characters of the Chinese language reformers, who studied in Japan, I have recognized that they brought more of the German culture back to China than the Japanese one. In those times Japan had high economic relations with Germany. The modern Japan was also established by a reform which was formed in the German style.

Still our system of phonetics is similar to the German one, such as the umlauts, like “a”. Its pronounced as in Germany not as in the US. Even the German language reform was established in former times in China.

Between Germany, the German speaking countries and China there is a much deeper relationship  than most people think and it is not only restricted to their strong economic relations.

ZEBS student: Thanks a lot for the very interesting interview and the time you have spent. I wish you a very successful concert and hopefully, also a successful future.

Sijia Liu: I have to thank the Zurich Elite Business School for the interest in Chinese culture and deeper relations. I am enthusiastic about developing these relations.