Christmas Dinner – Zurich

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Zurich is not only one of the best-known and most beautiful cities in the world, but additionally a center of culinary highlights; there is no doubt that Swiss Schoki can be regarded as one of them. The Italian influence has also inspired the restaurant “La Cantinella” where the ZEBS celebrated its annual Christmas party.

While enjoying wonderful meals and good wine, ten students, four special auditors and the ZEBS Board exchanged information about the business year 2011 and also considered first plans for the coming year.

In Professor Fintl`s speech, the exciting differentiation of ZEBS and its goals for the next years were described.

The innovative system of the ZEBS to combine the MBA with demanding, professional tasks and projects in companies and Leadership Coaching will be pursued consequently.

The fact that leading international, well-known business schools, e.g. in the USA, plan adapt the ZEBS system to satisfy the demands of economy was a very interesting topic that delighted the audience.

Graduate Adrian Nowak talked about the ups and down of his studies and also stressed its efforts. In the end, he drew the conclusion that the training “has not been “very easy, but from today`s point of view, one can say that it was worth it.”