KIS Leadership – Ιntroduction to superior leadership

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In June 2013 ZEBS had the honour of hosting Dr. Turan Coratekin from Mercedes Benz USA, an experienced manager and leader for projects in the automotive industry in the areas of quality, supply chain and after sales. Additionally, his activities are towards developing practices for excellent leadership. His motivation results from having experienced good leadership and bad leadership. The mission of his keep it simple leadership practice, is in the interest of future and present leaders and furthermore, of their staff.

With an inspiring session, Dr. Coratekin introduced the students to the core of his approach and set the framework for better leaders for the future. Away from the theoretical analysis on leadership, this is a hands-on -deck method of performing leadership on behalf of the staff, with the goal of achieving better results as a team and avoiding the pitfalls of ineffective or bad leadership.

In Dr. Coratekin’s typical style the ZEBS group got also homework: each student should video tape themselves, making the statement why people should follow him or her.

ZEBS students were enthusiastic about the purity of KIS, a good leadership model that can be easily and very effectively applicable in practice. ZEBS thanks Dr. Coratekin for his valuable session and is looking forward to the next occasion.