Professional Leadership Program

PLP Networking

International Management Program - MBA

At ZEBS, PLP fellows can profit from three very different networks.

Company network
Students accomplish their projects at partner companies and thus establish a network with their colleagues. What is more, PLP participants have the opportunity to extend their company network: working on management consulting tasks means frequent contact with leading employees of the client and even with employees of the client’s customers or suppliers.

Business School network
During the PLP seminars, students get to know lecturers – both practitioners and academics – from a great variety of fields. Those lecturers can open doors to fields and people that are totally unrelated to the industry a student works in. In addition to that, students build a network with fellow PLP-participants from different companies and from different industries.

Coaches’ network
During the program, fellows are coached by professionals with extensive expertise and experience. Those coaches can resort to their own professional networks – which in general have been built up over several years – and they might eventually link their student mentees with their own contacts.