Empirical work on alternative mechanisms to going public of Ioannis (Yianni) Floros, member of ZEBS academic board, has been well-cited by public press (among others Thomson Reuters). Pieces of his recent findings on domestic reverse takeovers and shell companies’ performance are incorporated in the following 2010-2011 special editions on Chinese reverse takeovers provided by Reuters Insider (subscription needed to access the links below):




For a more in-depth familiarization with his findings on alternative mechanisms to going public as well as shell companies’ performance, please access the link below that contains a recent, related presentation.


Yianni’s published research piece on shell companies’ performance appears in the Journal of Corporate Finance and specifically can be searched under the following title:

Ioannis, V., Floros and Travis, R., A., Sapp, 2011, Shell Games: On the Value of Shell Companies, Journal of Corporate Finance 17, 850–867.