Executive Diploma in Shipping

Educational Model

ZEBS Real World Skills MBA

Programme’s length is 3 months. ZEBS and GMC use the top modern business learning model with both synchronous and asynchronous sessions and give you not only access to state-of-the-art business courses from world’s best universities (ZEBS, Harvard, MIT) but also to practical and hands-on knowledge required in the shipping industry. We help you differentiate from other shipping professionals, increase your performance in the daily business and excel in your career.

Being one of the most innovative Business Schools, we have integrated into our Executive Certificate in Shipping programme courses from world-leading universities such as HARVARD and MIT. Students also receive certifications from these universities.

The Executive Certificate in Shipping is comprised of 8 compulsory courses (physical and online, live and self-paced).

During the courses students delve into each topic and deepen their knowledge through a variety of modern tools such as live sessions, recorded videos, state-of-the-art case studies, group projects, quizzes, chats, and other modern educational tools. So that each student is given enough time to complete the courses, with the flexibility to study at times that best suit her/his personal and professional life. Courses contain diverse exercises and activities which are not assessed, they rather help students engage with the programme and increase their learning and application curve. Students receive support from ZEBS and GMC tutors.


ZEBS’s and GMC’s educational method is a top modern approach in shipping education. It immerses participants in the challenging process of professional growth and intellectual development while providing them the flexibility to work towards completing the program within a hybrid model (physical and virtual).

ZEBS and GMC also offer LIVE lectures given by shipping executives and managers from all over the world. These live interactive presentations expose the student unit body to real-world business experience and open exchange of methodologies and information.

Upon completion of the program, students receive the postgraduate UK (Level 7) Executive Certificate in Shipping (30 UK credits/15 ECTS) from ZEBS. In addition, they receive world-class certifications from Harvard University in Leadership, MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Innovation and certifications from GMC Maritime Academy & Maritime Training Center in International Safety Management (ISM) Implementation and International Ship and Port Facility (ISPS) Implementation.