Sport Team Building Event in Germany

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The Zurich Elite Business School puts emphasis on the soft skill aspects of its fellow students’ education. Besides the large networking options also internal team building is an essential aspect of the IMP.

The managerial accounting course in Esslingen therefore was accompanied by a special event on exactly this topic. The fellows were directed to the tennis pitch of Esslingen. There, Mr. Steffen Herm, German tennis trainer of the year in 2010, was waiting with a fully structured tennis crash course for all students. His tennis school was officially acknowledged in the year of 2008. Although tennis is a 2 player sport, the trainer Steffen Herm created several teams and used a rotating system to make all students play with each other at least two times. As a final topping the challenge of a competition was involved, in which all students were able to measure their gained tennis skills with each other.

This event was great fun. The students had the chance to either dip into the sport of tennis or to improve their already available skills and mostly, had a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate their team performance also in sport, which usually happens in the challenge of studying and performing professionally.