Vernissage of Contemporary Art – Zurich

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Zurich Elite Business School supported a very successful Vernissage of Contemporary Art in Zurich in September. The artist, Christina Hoffmann, is one of our alumni students, now working as a Business Transformation Manager for Zurich Insurance Ltd. This Vernissage was organized and promoted for a good cause: part of the revenues are being contributed to "street children in Calcutta". Christina Hoffmann exhibits more than thirty of her paintings at the renowned Restaurant "Stapferstube" in Zurich ( her artwork can be seen until the end of October.

Christina discovered her passion for art and painting early while still at school. She finally graduated from high school majoring in art and mathematics. Afterwards she studied business administration specializing in Tourism Management and Marketing. To advance on a private and professional level, she decided to join the International Management Program-MBA at Zurich Elite Business School (ZEBS) where she graduated in 2009.

During the years of her studies, Christina did not pursue painting intensively because she did not see herself as a creative artist. After a few years she discovered a previously unknown creativity that captured her completely and she started to follow this sense.

Working for an insurance company for two years, creativity can not run free as much as Christina would like it to. Painting has become a channel to express herself and her experiences. All her artwork describes a personal story which Christina also mentions on her website:

We are curious about Christina's further development as an artist and we wish her all the best for the future.