ZEBS at Starnberger Lake

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It was the last MBA seminar in 2012 that brought the ZEBS Students to Starnberg. While the second day in Starnberg was ending, students were glad to round off the day by having dinner together at an Italian restaurant next to the seminar venue. At that time they didn’t know that a few hours later they would find themselves in the most exclusive club in Munich.

Thus after an interesting second day about Nonviolent Communication, a group of twelve ZEBS students, accompanied by the ZEBS CEO, Adonis-Emmanouil Fragkakis, made their way to the Italian Restaurant “Al Gallo Nero” next to the beautiful Lake Starnberg where they enjoyed a fantastic meal. In this relaxing atmosphere the students had time to reflect on the seminars as well as their experiences in their daily working life.

As the evening was progressing students got ready to move to the club P1 in Munich. After some planning which involved a reservation at their new destination and selecting a driver so that everyone would return to Starnberg safely, the students arrived at the well-known club. Special thanks to Peter for agreeing to be the designated driver.

At their new party location, which is sometimes visited by famous soccer players from Bayern Munich, the students had an amazing time, which included socializing, dancing and drinking. This emphasizes the great bonding among the ZEBS students who establish strong friendships during their study time and beyond. Due to a late night, the last day of the weekend seminar was “challenging” but everyone managed to follow accordingly and make it a successful weekend.

Simon – IMP student